Did You Know That Thanksgiving is the Holiday That You’re Most Likely to Conceive a Baby?

By Shawn Patrick on November 22, 2022
Illustration for Thanksgiving postcard featuring baby girl chasing turkey.

I’m not sure exactly who feels sexy after consuming 16 pounds of food and an entire gallon of gravy, but apparently that’s doin’ it for LOTS of people.

A new survey found the seven holidays where we’re most likely to CONCEIVE A BABY, and Thanksgiving is number one.  And if you’ve got a birthday in August or early September, your parents just might’ve contributed to that statistic.

Here are the seven holidays where we’re getting our procreation on . . .

1.  Thanksgiving.  17.7% of couples who conceived on a holiday did it on Thanksgiving.

2.  Valentine’s Day, 17.3%.

3.  Christmas, 14.7%.

4.  Fourth of July, 13.9%.

5.  Halloween, 13%.

6.  Memorial Day, 12.1%.

7.  New Year’s Eve, 11.3%.

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