There’s a guy who’s already banned from Colorado’s new Buc-ee’s thanks to his service duck

By Shawn Patrick on March 20, 2024
(Photo by RJ Sangosti/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Colorado’s first Buc-ee’s has only been opened a couple of days and there’s already a guy who blew his chance of using the super-clean restrooms, eating the savory brisket, or decking himself out in beaver merch. 

A man named Justin Wood didn’t even come to the new Johnstown, Colorado Buc-ee’s to get banned.

Wood, who runs the viral “Wrinkle the Duck‘s” social media accounts, posted a video where he had stopped by a Buc-ee’s in Tennessee and took the duck inside. Wood declared Wrinkle as a service animal.

Long story short, Wood and Wrinkle were not only asked to leave that Buc-ee’s, but police were called and Wood received a lifetime ban from all Buc-ee’s locations, including ours right here in Colorado.

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