Zach Bryan is Teasing a New Song with a Colorado Band

By Shawn Patrick on August 10, 2023
Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images

Zach Bryan is arguably the biggest star in country music at the moment, and he has new music coming soon which has a bunch of people really pumped. One of the new songs will feature a band from Colorado! 

Bryan is set to drop a new album on August 19th, and it features a song with the Colorado band, The Lumineers called “Spotless”.  He just posted a 30-second teaser of it.  (Profanity Warning:  The clip includes a bad word.)

Zach thanked the band in the post, said he’s been a fan since he was 16,  and called them, “Some of the kindest people [he’s] ever had the pleasure of talking to.”

Lumineers singer Wesley Schultz shared a clip on HIS Instagram story, and he wrote, “Zach Bryan, honored to do this sick tune with you.” 

The Lumineers are an alternative folk band based in Denver, where they got their start doing open mic events around the city. 

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