Zach Bryan Fondly Remembers His Snowy First Time at Red Rocks One Year Later

By Shawn Patrick on November 3, 2023
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

I’ll forever remember November 3rd as the date of one of my favorite concerts ever, a show I almost didn’t even go to. It was snowing a lot at the KYGO studios as I wrapped up my show that night, so I called the folks from Zach Bryan’s team, that had invited me to his first ever show at Red Rocks later that night, and told them I was just going to go home. They understood, but said that this show could be special, and if there was any chance I could make it, I should go. So I went, almost turning around multiple times as the roads got worse as I got closer to famous amphitheater in Morrison. Watching Zach, and 10,000 other people sing every word to all his songs with three or four inches of snow piled on our heads, was magical. Turns out it was special for Zach too! 

Bryan took to Instagram today to mark the anniversary saying, “A year ago today changed my life forever, it was the first time I ever played Red Rocks. It was 20 degrees and snowing all night, the parks department tried cancelling the show and the boys and me decided we were there for a reason. I look back on this day often because I had no idea how complicated all this (stuff) could get, and this was a day I felt no weight at all, just some boys playing in the snow. I love you guys and I really appreciate every single person who listens to my music and most important; thank you for this memory that I get to keep forever. Happy one year to snow rocks.”

The concert spawned a live album titled “All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster,” and in listening to it, you can hear how grateful (and cold) Zach was that night. 


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