Zach Bryan Brings NFL Star Christian McCaffrey On Stage During Colorado Show

By Shawn Patrick on June 27, 2023
Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

I was in a VIP room before Zach Bryan took the stage Monday night at Red Rocks chatting with the other random people that were in there. Had a good three or four minute conversation with a guy who was in great shape, not knowing who it was… Until he came out on stage later in the night as part of the show!

Zach Bryan had NFL running back, 49’ers star, and Denver native, Christian McCaffrey at his concert at Red Rocks.

Zach’s been regularly closing out his shows with “Revival,” often bringing fans or guest stars up on stage to sing along and just be part of the show’s finale. Monday night, he brought out McCaffery – but not to sing, or smile and dance awkwardly – he put him in front of the keyboard.

The NFL player crushed it, as the crowd realized Zach had brought a ringer on stage – and McCaffrey was up to the task, not only playing along with the band but taking a pretty awesome keyboard solo as well.

So was Zach shocked? Not at all. Zach had witnessed Christian McCaffrey’s piano skills once before, at a benefit concert in 2021 – so he knew: that NFL player has some game when it comes to music.

Check out a clip from the performance… 

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