Your Chalupa Is Safe, Taco Bell Employees Did NOT Poison a Customer in Colorado

By Shawn Patrick on March 8, 2023
photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

If you’ve been holding out on Taco Bell because of that report a few months back about them putting rat poison in some guy’s burrito in Colorado, you can finely go ahead and get a Mexican Pizza or Gordita knowing that actually didn’t happen!

A statement from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office today cleared Taco Bell employees of any wrongdoing after a customer claimed he was served rat poison in his food.

The customer was hospitalized after eating some of the rat poison, but surveillance cameras inside of the Aurora restaurant showed that it wasn’t put there by employees.

Investigators followed up with the victim following this discovery, but were unable to determine who might be another suspect.

The Sheriff’s Office thanked Taco Bell and their employees for their help in the investigation.

I can’t promise you won’t have any stomach issues if you eat Taco Bell tonight, but rat poison is very unlikely!

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