You Can Help Name the Denver Zoo’s New Baby Sloth

By Shawn Patrick on February 21, 2023
Photo credit should read KLAUS-DIETMAR GABBERT/DPA/AFP via Getty Images

Earlier this month we introduced you to the Denver Zoo’s newest resident, a baby two-toed sloth. Now the baby needs a name, and you can help!

For a $5 donation per vote, you can help choose a name from options selected by the sloth family’s keepers. All donations will go towards the care of parents. Charlotte and Elliot, the baby sloth, and the Zoo’s other 3,000 or so residents.

Name options are…

• RAIN: Inspired by the tropical rainforest from which this species hails, a vote for RAIN will make sure the little guy is always showered with love.

• WICKET: The Zoo’s last sloth naming contest, did, in fact, let the Wookiee win—so it’s only fitting that his little brother be named after an Ewok!

• CAPPUCCINO: While the little guy is NOT caffeinated, he does have a beautiful café con leche coat—and he’s perfectly sweet, even sin azucar.

Click HERE to cast a vote.

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