You Can Have a Scary Clown Deliver Donuts in Denver

By Shawn Patrick on October 25, 2022
Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

Hurt’s Donut in Parker is letting you send their famous donuts to someone in town and have them delivered by a scary clown again this year!

Hopefully the clown actors are getting paid a little extra because I know a few people who might swing at these people if they popped up at them, donuts or not!

Hurt’s posted on theirĀ Facebook page, “Scary clown deliveries are available Thursday October 27th! Message us to schedule!.”

Last year I called to find out how much it was and they said the prices start at $60 and included a dozen donuts delivered by our scary clown. Although that was last year, so they may be different this go around.

$60 bucks is steep for a dozen donuts, but if you have someone in your life that’s afraid of clowns, it’s so worth it!

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