Yes, this week’s snowstorm has the chance to be among the biggest in Denver’s history

By Shawn Patrick on March 13, 2024

With most forecasters around Denver agreeing that the snowstorm about to hit Denver tonight through Friday morning (Mar. 13-15) is capable of producing up to two feet of snow, it’s safe to say this could be one of the biggest in the city’s history. 

Currently, 9News is saying 8-16 inches, but those numbers are still a bit all over the board and have been as high as 24 inches at times. If Denver ended up with the 24 inches, it would go down as the fifth biggest storm in history! 

Here’s a list of the biggest storms we’ve had: 

5. Dec. 24, 1982 – 23.8 inches

4. Mar. 13-14, 2021 (the “Bomb Cyclone”) – 27.1 inches

3. Nov. 2-4, 1946 – 30.4 inches

2. Mar. 17-19, 2003 – 31.8 inches 

1. Dec. 1-5, 1913 – 45.7 inches 

9News’ Chris Bianchi calls in to talk about Denver’s snow storm

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