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By Sheena on February 6, 2020
CARDIFF, WALES – JANUARY 18: (Photo by Ben Birchall – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Well, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have caused a stir again. This time it’s about the way Prince Harry treats his wife.

Okay, before y’all get your feathers ruffled, let me clarify. We have seen nothing but loving and gentlemanly behavior from Prince Harry. Shoot, he’s still my royal crush! However, recently a video has been makin’ the rounds that has some women madder than a wet hen.

In the video, we see Prince Harry lovingly adjusting Meghan’s hair. This, to me, is a beautiful, careful and romantic gesture. But some posters in the Twitter-verse has gone off the deep end saying this is the ultimate no-no.

Listen, I know there’s some days when we have the perfect “do” that took a lot of effort and we don’t want it messed up. I also understand that some people just don’t like their hair touched. That’s totally cool. But please, don’t label someone like Prince Harry a “perfectionist” or “obsessive” because he chooses to fix his wife’s hair. Obviously, Meghan Markle doesn’t mind.

And if I’m being 100% honest, Prince Harry could fix my hair do any day of the week. Just sayin’.

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