Y’all, What’s Your Take?

By Sheena on February 12, 2020
RED NOSE DAY SPECIAL — The Red Nose Day Special — Pictured: Blake Shelton — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Let me start off by sayin’… I LOVE a good remix. If done well, a remix can be as great or greater than an original recording. For example, when Johnny Cash recorded a remix of “Rusty Cage” by Soundgarden. The Cash version was so good Chris Cornell was in awe.

However, sometimes a remix can produce more of a “meh” outcome. Like that time Lil Nas X sampled “34 Ghosts IV” from Nine Inch Nails and remixed it into “Old Town Road”. Yes, it’s catchy. That’s about it.

Okey dokey, now that we’ve set the bar… let’s take a look at the new song from Pitbull (ft. Blake Shelton) called “Get Ready”.


OMG, I love “Black Betty” by Ram Jam! Blake Shelton sounds amazing! I love the rockin’ country slide guitar over the driving club beat.


Um, well… basically everything else. The video is just a three-minute ad for the new Hard Rock Hotel in Miami. Also, if you don’t actually know how to play and instrument, please don’t swing one around pretending.

Ya know, I’m enjoying Blake Shelton’s resurgence. But this feels more like a lost bet Blake had to make good on or something.

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What’s your take y’all?


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