Will Buc-ee’s ever come to Denver?

By Shawn Patrick on February 22, 2024

With all of the buzz around Buc-ee’s coming to Colorado for the first time next month, it got me wondering if the famous convenience store chain will ever come to Denver. So I did a little research. 

Colorado’s first Buc-ee’s will open on March 18th in Johnstown, which is 45-ish miles north of Denver. With other big chains like In-N-Out Burger and Whataburger coming to Colorado for the first time recently and planning stores all over the state, including Denver, will Buc-ee’s do the same? 

The short answer for now is maybe… If Buc-ee’s does ever decide to come to Denver, it won’t be for quite some time though. They originally announced plans for the Johnstown store in May of 2022, and it’ll be almost two full years before it actually opens. So with no plans for a new store now, one would have to think if Denver is a possibility it wouldn’t happen for at least a couple years or more. 

Another thing working against us is that the company has never said that it’ll have more locations in Colorado, although you’d think if the first is successful they’d want to, right? 

Last piece of bad news is outside of Texas, most of their locations are quite a ways outside of major cities… 

Long story short, I don’t have anything that shows me Denver will ever get a Buc-ee’s, but I hope I am wrong and someday we don’t have to drive almost an hour to check out the world’s coolest gas station! 

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