Why were people throwing underwear on the ice at last night’s Colorado Avalanche game?

By Shawn Patrick on January 25, 2024

It’s tradition across all of hockey to throw hats on the ice when a player scores three goals in a game (a hat trick), and some teams have traditions of randomly throwing other things on the ice like octopi in Detroit or catfish in Nashville But did we just start a new more risqué tradition in Denver last night? 

It was a close game against the Washington Capitals for the Colorado Avalanche last night (Jan. 24) until the second period when it took captain Nathan MacKinnon only six minutes and 37 seconds to put three goals in the back of the net. What started as a one-zero lead quickly turned into a blowout game as the Avs beat the Capitals 6-2 at Ball Arena.

I’m not sure if some fans just didn’t have hats to throw on the ice to celebrate McKinnon’s hat trick, or if they thought they were at a rock concert, but at least one bra and one pair of women’s underwear made it on the ice with the hats. 

Here’s the bra… 

And here’s the undies… 

I have a couple of questions… First, how did these ladies get these undergarments off so quick amongst thousands of other fans? Also, will this become a thing at Ball Arena? I think it’s kind of endearing honestly! 

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