Who’s the Guy That Peed on People at the Denver Jelly Roll Concert This Weekend?

By Shawn Patrick on September 5, 2023
Photo by David Kennedy/Getty Images

Something I definitely did not think I would come to work and do today… Writing an article about some jerk who peed on people at a concert this weekend, but here I am. I was just scrolling Facebook aimlessly earlier today when I came across a post from someone I’d never met before, but what she said made me mad! 

Her exact words; “Jelly Roll, thank you for a BADASS show tonight (Denver, CO). Unfortunately, towards the end, this “gentleman” behind us PISSED on my sister and I. I thought maybe he spilled his drink, but when I turned around he had his zipper down, free flowin. Please help me blast him on social media because this is 100% not okay.”

I could’ve just moved passed the post, but she is right… This is 100% not okay. So, there’s a few thousand people that look at my blog, and I thought I’d put this jerk on blast myself. I don’t care how much “fun” you’re having at a show, do NOT ever do this to other people who are at shows also trying to enjoy. 

Here’s the picture of the guy. If you know him, I hope you take it upon yourself to tell him how disappointed all of Denver is in his disgusting behavior… 

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