When will Cheyenne Frontier Days unveil their 2024 concert lineup?

By Shawn Patrick on March 4, 2024

Is it summer yet? I’ve found myself daydreaming of summer concerts a lot lately, and one of my favorite places on earth to take one in is at Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD)! So when will we find out who’s coming to the 2024 “Daddy of ’em All?” 

Traditionally CFD announced their shows prior to Christmas to help those with concert lovers on their lists with an easy gift, but since the pandemic the announcement has come later… 

Today CFD announced via their social media channels that they’ll let us know who’s coming later this week. Although they didn’t give an exact day this week, at least we know we won’t have to wait much longer! 

Now, who do you hope they bring? 

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