Whataburger Announces Plans for Their Next Four Colorado Locations

By Shawn Patrick on November 10, 2022
Photo by Epics/Getty Images

There are very few fast food joints that can cause the excitement that Whataburger did when they announced they were moving into to Colorado a couple years back. They opened their first Colorado location in Colorado Springs, and added a second a couple months ago, also in the Springs. So, I assumed that they’d probably aim for Denver next… Not so fast!

The Texas-based burger chain announced plans for their next four locations in the Centennial State today, and all four will also be in Colorado Springs…

  • 5905 Constitution Ave., Colorado Springs
  • 1105 Garden of the Gods Rd., Colorado Springs
  • 702 E. Fillmore, Colorado Springs
  • 2495 Montebello Square Dr., Colorado Springs

All four locations all aim to open by the end of 2023.

No word on when the franchise will move into Denver, but they say they do have plans to continue expansion in Colorado.

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