WATCH – Man Who Sprints Backwards Down Red Rocks, Falls Hard

By Shawn Patrick on October 18, 2023
Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Have you ever seen video of the guy who sprints backwards down the seats at Red Rocks Amphitheatre during the day before concerts? It’s gone viral on social media a few times, and it’s quite the scene, but always looks like it could be pretty dangerous too… 

A video posted recently showed just how dangerous it can be as the guy fell HARD!! 

As the backward runner passed another man sprinting up the stands, he got a high-five. The high-five may have thrown off his balance, because he is soon seen bouncing down several rows in what appears to be a painful fall. 

Thankfully, the man pops up quick and seems to be mostly uninjured…


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