Watch Dierks Bentley Help Reunite Military Family

Dierks Bentley orchestrated a reunion between Sergeant Steven Mendez, who has been overseas serving for almost a year, and his sons…..

By Patrick Knight on May 4, 2017

Dierks Bentley orchestrated a reunion between Sergeant Steven Mendez and his sons at a meet-and-greet during a tour stop in Fresno, California. Sergeant Mendez has been overseas serving for almost a year.

He later brought the family onstage during the show. Dierks says, “I can’t begin to imagine the sacrifice of being away from your family for sometimes years. I love the fact that country music fans hold our military and their families in such high regard and always jump at the chance to say thank you. It was a really cool moment in the show, and a really special thing for me to be part of.”


(Photo courtesy of Omar Ornelas/The Desert Sun via USA TODAY NETWORK)


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