WATCH – Denver Zoo Recruits Maury Povich To Reveal Father Of Baby Orangutan

By Shawn Patrick on December 21, 2023
(Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

Maury Povich’s success was mainly due to the paternity tests he was known for conducting on his long-running talk show. Those reveals revolved around couples trying to determine who fathered a child, but the Denver Zoo turned to the host to solve the mystery around the father of a baby orangutan.

Siska the orangutan is four months old, but it was unclear if her father was 30-year-old Berani or 16-year-old Jaya, the zoo said on X/Twitter. 

On Monday, the zoo revealed they were settling the paternity debate. “The DNA results are in, and we’re delighted to share that we now know who Siska’s father is,” the zoo said in a post on X. “Stay tuned tomorrow for this special announcement from an extra special guest.”

That special guest was of course Povich, and here’s how he delivered the results… 

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