WATCH – Colorado Avalanche Announcer Accidentally Drank Partner’s Chew Spit on the Air

By Shawn Patrick on December 21, 2023
(Photo by Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call)

I can think of few things more nasty than a cup full of someone’s spit when they’re chewing tobacco The only thing more nasty than the cup full of spit itself is someone accidentally drinking it. That nightmare happened to a Colorado Avalanche announcer recently! 

 Colorado Avalanche color commentator Mark Rycroft was broadcasting an Avs game on Altitude TV alongside play-by-play guy Marc Moser a few weeks back and that’s when he took a drink a drink he’ll certainly never forget… 

Both men were using similar coffee cups for very different reasons during the game, and Rycroft went to take a sip from the one he assumed was his, only to discover it was the one Moser had been using as a spit cup. In the video below you can see Rycroft barely keeping it together as he tries to drink normal liquids, spit, and get rid of the nastiness as quick as possible… I’m honestly impressed he didn’t lose his lunch, I definitely would have! 

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