WATCH – A Fan Tackled Dinger at a Colorado Rockies Game

By Shawn Patrick on April 12, 2023
Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

I’ll be the first to say that even as a Colorado Rockies fan I think the team’s mascot, Dinger is kind of creepy. He looks like something that belongs on a kids TV show singing cheesy songs. Instead he just aimlessly wonders Coors Field, sometimes spinning his head around his body. Regardless of how anyone feels about Dinger, though, tackling him during a game is not a good idea!

A sad video from the Rockies game against the Cardinals on Monday night is all over social media showing Dinger dancing on top of Colorado’s dugout in-between innings, when a fan comes out of nowhere and tackles him.

The good news is the mascot gets up pretty quickly and some help arrives. It’s unclear if it’s another fan who intervenes or Coors Field security, but someone acted quickly.

It’s also unclear if the fan was arrested, charged with a crime and/or banned from Coors Field, but hopefully they faced some sort of punishment for an act that was completely out of line.

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