Want to Be a Sports Team’s Mascot? One Colorado Team is Looking For You

By Shawn Patrick on September 30, 2022
Photo by Chris Humphrey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I always thought it seemed fun to be a sports team mascot. No one at the games has more fun than the mascot, plus if you make a fool of yourself no one knows it’s you anyway! If it sounds fun to you too, here’s your chance to do it in Colorado!

The Rocky Mountain Vibes, is currently hiring for a new mascot actor. The Vibes are an independent baseball team based in Colorado Springs, that play in the Pioneer League.

Oh, and the mascot for the team is a roasted s’mores marshmallow named Toasty.

According to the job listing, the ideal height of a Toasty actor is 5’7″ to 5’10” with an outgoing personality, clean record, and experience in being a mascot or similar roles such as an actor or cheerleader.

Apply here. 

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