Want The Rockies to Be Good Again? Quit Supporting Them For Now

By Shawn Patrick on September 27, 2023
Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

The Colorado Rockies are only in the news for one reason this late in September, and it isn’t good news… The team just lost 100 games in a season for the first time, and the season isn’t even over! 

Some will say a real fan of any sports team would never turn their back on them no matter how bad they get. I am prepared as a Rockies fan to take that beating, but it’s time for me to say my piece…

The Rockies are horrible. Historically, the worst they’ve ever been this season. Seasons like that happen to even the best franchises, but the difference is nearly every other team would be actively working to get better in the coming years. The Rockies aren’t, won’t, and don’t care!

Why? Because we keep going to games, paying for parking, buying jerseys and food and beverage at games, and lining the pockets of the Monfort’s, who own the team. Why pay high caliber players big salaries to build a winning team when people will support the team regardless? It’s a testament to baseball fans in Colorado, but it’s also enabling ownership to play us.

I go back to my opening statement in this article and say that if this were the Nuggets, the Av’s, the Broncos, or any other team in Denver, I’d be he flag-bearing leader of the “stick with ’em” crew, knowing that ownership would do all they can to right the ship. However, I am tired of watching this team be the laughing stock of baseball, and I truly believe there is only one fix…

Fans have to stop putting money in ownership’s pockets. Once they can’t make gobs of money they might try to sell the club. If we’re lucky the Walmart folks that own the Broncos, and are showing us everyday how much they care about that team, will step in and rescue the Rockies.

Trust me when I say that there’s few things I love more than a cold beverage, a hotdog, and some Rockies Baseball at Coors Field each summer, but I also believe this may be the only way we see competitive baseball in Denver also.

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