Venus and Jupiter Will Appear to Almost Touch in the Colorado Sky Tonight and Wednesday

By Shawn Patrick on February 28, 2023
Photo by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images

If you’ve been out in the evenings this week, you’ve probably seen the planets Venus and Jupiter shining brightly right around sunset.

The planets have been getting closer and closer each night and will end up in a conjunction on Wednesday, March 1. A conjunction is when multiple planets appear very close to one another in the night sky.

On March 1, Venus and Jupiter will be so close you could cover them both with your pinky finger.

In Colorado, the best opportunity to see the conjunction will be tonight (Feb 28) and early Wednesday morning.

A winter storm will bring clouds and a chance of snow to much of Colorado later on Wednesday, and the opportunity to see the conjunction Wednesday evening will be less than 50%.

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