Two sisters stake their claim on the Nashville stages as Tigirlily Gold

By Elizabeth Weiler on June 1, 2023
Tigirlily Gold
Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh get candid with KYGO

DENVER, CO– “We skipped class to go audition,” laughed the sister’s from Tigirlily Gold. North Dakota Natives, Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh got candid with KYGO on their journey to creating music that reaches millions.

“When you have songs to put out in the world, what do you do? You create a band,” Kendra told KYGO. At ages 14 and 16 the Slaubaugh sisters had formed their band, “Tigirlily Gold.” Now at ages 25 and 27, the duo has their own EP along with several singles that have surpassed 10 million streams on Spotify. So how did the sisters claim their rise to fame?

After forming their band and selling out amphitheater in their home state, the sisters felt if they really wanted to take off, and bring girl group energy back to country music, they needed to move to Music City. in 2017, the sisters headed south to Nashville.

The rise of Tigirlily Gold

Paving their way through Belmont University, the sisters quickly ran out of money and knew they could combine their love of music to not only sustain their passions, but their finances too. The duo began performing on broadway, scoring gigs at bars Nudies Honky Tonk and Dierk’s Bently’s Whiskey Row. 

The duo laughed and spilled their “rite-of-passage” moments with KYGO from their days on Nashville’s most popular, neon-light-lined street. “You see it all,” said Krista.

However, like most, the pandemic put a damper in Tigirlily Gold’s plans. Not only did the sisters admit they were bored, but they had an arsenal of songs waiting to share. Turning to Tik Tok, they went viral. Not long after, the duo was signed to Monument records.

“[It] was crazy because Shane McAnally, who owns part of that label is someone we just wanted to write a song with,” said Kendra. “That would [have been] the biggest dream come true. So now, we’re signed to his label…its pretty insane but we’re extremely thankful.”

Remembering their roots will always be apart of Tigirlily Gold, as even their name has North Dakota ties. “Tigerlily was the first flower to grow in our parents garden,” said Kendra. However, the girls changed the spelling to incorporate “girl”, ti-girl-ily. As for gold, the sunrises and sunsets, sweet fields and blonde hair reflect the time they lived in the peace garden state.

Now, a decade after their start, Tigirlily Gold has tens of millions of views across social media on their singles “Shoot Tequila” and “Somebody Does”.

Listen to the exclusive KYGO interview and live performances from Tigirlily Gold. 


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