Two Colorado Cities Would Be Best for… DRAGONS

By Shawn Patrick on November 2, 2022
Photo by Reg Innell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Have you ever watched Game of Thrones or something and dreamed of being a dragon? Well, let me first say they are NOT real… But if they were, Colorado wouldn’t be a bad place to live for you and your dragon family.

Someone actually put together a ranking of the top U.S. cities to be a dragon, considering things like how dragons would favor areas of high elevation, cities with higher population density, fewer physically active people, tons of cattle per capita, and more homes without basements for people to hide in.

They’d avoid areas with too many fire departments and military bases because they’d stop them from wreaking havoc.  But they’d love places where they could hoard treasure, with plenty of pawn shops and jewelry stores.

Finally, dragons would want to go where they are most adored, so areas of the U.S. that search for information on dragons more often than others.

In the end, the BEST place to be a dragon is:  Albuquerque, New Mexico . . . followed by Las Vegas . . . Provo, Utah . . . Boise, Idaho . . . Honolulu . . . El Paso, Texas . . . Denver . . . Ogden, Utah . . . San Francisco . . . and Colorado Springs.

They’re all out west.  And the WORST places to be a dragon are east of the Mississippi.  The #1 worst is Indianapolis, followed by Philadelphia . . . Columbia, South Carolina . . . Wilmington, North Carolina . . . and Augusta, Georgia.

Hit up to find the full ranking of all 100 cities, along with more details on the GENIUS methodology for this research.

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