Turning Right on Red Lights in Denver Might Soon Become Illegal

By Shawn Patrick on September 12, 2023
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Sure, turning right at red lights can save you a little time, but as more people choose to walk, ride bikes and scooters, etc., it is becoming increasingly dangerous… So it may actually be going away in Denver. 

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s committee on transportation has recommended a ban on right turns on red in certain areas.

The practice was actually first implemented in the 1970’s as a way to save gas, but research has shown it doesn’t save as much gas as anticipated, but it did immediately show that right turns on red are dangerous for people outside of cars.

The Vibrant Denver Transition Committee for Denver Mayor Mike Johnston suggested a ban on right turns on red in areas where bicycle and pedestrian crashes are more common, within the mayor’s first 100 days.

They said the impact on traffic flow would be marginal.

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