Trending with Tracy & Fizz – Rockies Blowout, Denver’s 1st 90 Degree day, & Coach Prime out of hospital!

By Big Mic on June 26, 2023

Denver is looking to potentially have its first 90 degree day of the year!  While we hit 90 degrees in the city already, its in DIA where we officially register our temperatures and so far we’ve only gotten to 87 degrees.  Today we are forecast to reach 91 degrees!

Coach Prime had surgery over the weekend to fix some blood clots in his legs and set the story straight on fears of a potential amputation.  He had a blood clot in his right leg and and left thigh and got them corrected to have proper blood flow in his leg to do a future surgery to correct his hammer toes in two of his toes.

While many people were celebrating Saturday night at the George Strait  concert, not to far away from Empower Field at Coors Field the Colorado Rockies were not celebrating as they got destroyed by the Los Angeles Angels in a 25-1 loss.  The victory by the Angels was accompanied by a historic night for them as they set new franchise records on runs and hits in a game.

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