Trending with Tracy & Fizz – Tiger King running for President in CO, Mosquitos are here, Jokic made it to Siberia!

By Big Mic on June 20, 2023
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Tiger King is currently in prison…but that isnt stopping Joe Exotic from trying to run for president as he says he is on the ballot here in Colorado to be president.  His campaign site says that Joe (real name Joseph Maldonado) would decriminalize marijuana nationally.


We’ve had a whollllllle lotta rain this Spring, and as we head towards the first day of Summer tomorrow, we might be seeing a whollllllle lotta mosquitos!  The added rain creates pools of water that become stagnant and become a breeding ground for the blood sucking pests.

Joker made it to Siberia! 

One of the most viral moments from the Denver Nuggets championship victory was Nikola Jokic seeming less than thrilled he would need to wait for the parade because he wanted to return home to Siberia.  Turns out on Sunday his family was in a race with their horses and fortunately the NBA Finals MVP was able to make it in time to see them in action!

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