Trending with Tracy & Fizz – Casa Bonita opening in stages, Nuggets watch party back at Ball Arena, Colorado in top beer states

By Big Mic on May 31, 2023
Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post

Casa Bonita opening in stages. 

Its officially the last day of May, what was supposed to be the opening month of Casa Bonita, and while we don’t know when it will open, we apparently know HOW it will open.  According to The Denver Post, Casa Bonita will open in several stages.  First of which will via a lottery and those that will will be able to invite up to 5 family members during the soft period.  They will also sell tickets for 3 days as they prepare for the public opening with regular hours.

Denver Nuggets watch parties at Ball Arena are back!  

Now that we know the schedule for the Denver Nuggets vs the Miami Heat, we know Denver will kick off the first 2 games here in Denver. We also know that Game 3 and Game 4 will have Watch Parties at Ball Arena with tickets being only $20.  As of right now though it looks like only section 300’s are left! 

Denver listed in top 5 cities for beer. 

Denver was ranked in the top 5 of best beer cities in the country.

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