Trending with Tracy & Fizz – Bill Murray/Kelis dating, Nuggs Watch Party Sold Out & Garth Brooks has 5 albums coming?

By Big Mic on June 9, 2023
(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

How do we know that Denver Nuggets Nation is ready for another W tonight vs the Miami Heat in Game 4?  Well 18,000 of them have SOLD OUT Ball Arena for the NBA Finals Watch Party! Lets make it 3-1 tonight!

Garth Brooks says he NEEDS to release 5 more albums…. but not as Garth Brooks, but as his 1999 rock alter ego Chris Gaines!  In 1999 he released the album “Garth Brooks…. In The Life of Chris Gaines” which was a companion album for the movie The Lamb… problem is that movie never was released and left that album being quite confusing.  He recently said he actually has a 5 fictional albums of songs and they need to come out! We’ll see if Chris Gaines albums make it out!

And 72 year old Bill Murray of Ghostbusters fame is apparently dating 43 year old Kelis whose milkshake has been bringing boys to the yard fame! Several news outlets are reporting that the two have been dating as Murry has been attending several of her shows and even staying at the same hotel.


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