Trending with Tracy & Fizz: 88 Drive In closes, election day in Denver and Apple’s new VR headset launches

By Big Mic on June 6, 2023
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Its election day in Denver! Denver’s runoff election for mayor is today with Mike Johnston and Kelly Brough spending the day trying to earn last minute votes!  Denver’s City Council will also be in todays election.  Full election results can be found here.


New Apple VR headseat launched

More Apple tech goodies are on the way as Apple launches its virtual reality Apple Vision Pro which you can get for a measly $3,499!  Apple CEO Tim Cook says that “This is a day thats been years in the making”  They showed several of the ways it can be utilized such as 3D apps, immersive movies, education content and more.  It also may be able to replace monitors in the workplace.


88-Drive in to close! 

Terrible news to hear the day before National Drive-In movie day!  The 88 Drive-in movie theater in Commerce City will be closing!

For almost 50 years the 88 Drive-In has offered the unique experience of people being able to pull up in their car and enjoy some of the biggest movies over the last several decades.  Its looking like the site where the drive-in is located may be re-zoned to allow an 80,000+ square foot industrial warehouse to take its place.

City officials made sure to note that it was the owners who have decided to leave the business and not the city, but it will definitely leave many people sad as one of our very last local drive-in movie theaters will be no more.

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