Trending T&F – Morgan Wallen cancels shows after losing voice & Dinosaur Colorado License plates

By Big Mic on April 25, 2023
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Here’s what’s trending in Denver with Tracy and Fizz!

Morgan Wallen just kicked off his 7 month tour with only 11 dates wrapped up,  and on top of falling on the stage last week, Morgan unfortunately had to cancel his Sunday night show at University of Mississippi football stadium because he lost his voice.  Even more unfortunate is most fans found out after they were already in the stadium and a message popped up on the screen “Ladies & Gentlemen, Unfortunately Morgan has lost his voice and is unable to perform tonight – therefore tonight’s show has been cancelled. Please make your way safely to the stadium exits. Refunds for tonight’s event will be available at point of purchase.”  One fan was so upset they have decided to sue Morgan over cancelling the show for all of the additional expenses such as food, lodging, transportation, etc.  They are even trying to make it a class action suit for everyone in attendance.


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With a lot of custom license plates available in Colorado, there could be Dinosaur license plates on the way. A bill is currently making its way through the Colorado state legislature that may bring a stegosaurus (Colorado’s state fossil) special license plate.   If these end up making their way for purchase, you would be able to get them for a two one time fees of $25 (on top of standard motor vehicle fees)   For more info from 9News, click here.

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