Tracy & Fizz Big Dumb Recap! Tuesday January 30th!

By Big Mic on January 30, 2024

Wake the Fun Up with Tracy & Fizz Weekdays from 6am-10am! 

Check out our Phonanigans from this morning in the video above where we call Eric saying we are mutual friends of his friend Jeff to see if he will vouch for us and be a reference for the apartment we want.  We play our Phonanigans weekday mornings at the :50’s!  

This morning  for Can’t Beat Tracy Joey from Greeley couldnt quite remember which TV network Breaking Bad originally aired on but did know what Justin Timberlake’s first album was called!  If you think you can do better than Joey and want to win $100, sign up for Cant Beat Tracy by Clicking Here


Also after our show you can watch Tracy & Fizz’s Big Dumb Post Show live on Youtube, Facebook & Twitter/X, if you missed it watch them by clicking here


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