Tracy & Fizz Big Dumb Recap – Friday February 2nd!

By Big Mic on February 2, 2024

Happy first Friday of February Mile High City!

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Phonanigans (above) 
Its Groundhogs Day! We’re calling Danielle with a gerbil emergency! We’ve lost our gerbil named “Richard Gere” who is supposed to fill in as a groundhog today and we need her help finding it

Can’t Beat Tracy
Tosca from Aurora didnt know who was playing Richard Simmons in the new biopic, but would it be enough for Tracy to win? Click here to sign up 

AJ’s Mommy Report Card!   

On this Groundhogs Day edition of AJ’s Mommy Report Card! AJ saw spinach in the fridge, which means 6 more weeks of salad! AJ got a callback for acting school, which made Tracy proud and excited, but was so much easier since parents weren’t allowed! What’s her grade going to be this week?

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