TikTok is likely to be banned in Colorado by next summer

By Shawn Patrick on March 12, 2024

I am really going to miss the viral dances and life hacks that don’t work 90% of the time… 

There are around 150 million people in America who use TikTok, but it’s likely to be taken off of cell phones soon in Colorado.

TikTok has become an international issue, as a company with Chinese ties, Bytedance, owns the social media site. Because of the ownership, the U.S. has concerns about where American data is going, where it’s being collected, and how the content and data will be used.

There’s a bill in Congress that would force ByteDance, to sell their operation, and if they don’t TikTok will be banned on all American devices in August 2024.

Most experts don’t believe the ownership company will sell, so if the bill passes, and many believe it will, TikTok will be joining MySpace, in our social media memories.

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