Tide is testing new, less-delicious-looking, Tide Pods in Colorado only

By Shawn Patrick on March 11, 2024

I honestly thought we were past eating Tide Pods, but I guess not because they are still trying to deter people by putting out a new less-delicious-looking product in Colorado before anywhere else. 

The new product is called “Evo” and it’s kind of like Tide Pods, but they’re “tiles.” Instead of pods with liquid, they’re “fiber tiles” with six layers of soap “woven” together.  

They’re hawking them as a greener option.  Tide Pods aren’t great for the environment, and neither are those plastic jugs their liquid detergent comes in.  But bonus:  The new tiles don’t look nearly as DELICIOUS as Tide Pods.  They’re all white and pretty boring to look at.

Tide Pods debuted over a decade ago in 2012, and had their big moment when the “Tide Pod Challenge” hit in 2017.  That’s where kids on TikTok were eating them on purpose to get clicks.  But the original controversy was they looked like candy, so TODDLERS were eating them.

The new tiles just debuted at South by Southwest in Austin this weekend.  Tide is rolling them out to stores in Colorado next month, and then the rest of the U.S. later this year. 

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