Thornton Cancer Patient Meets Luke Bryan

By Sheena on July 31, 2023
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – JULY 15: Luke Bryan (Photo by Natasha Moustache/WireImage)

Luke Bryan rocked the Ball Arena over the weekend and there was a very special fan who attended the show. Mary Stegmueller is seven-years-old and is from Thornton. Miss Mary has a rare type of pediatric terminal brain cancer. She had a wish to see Bryan. However, Miss Mary has a compromised immune system. Because of this, she would not be able to see the show if she was in the general population. Well, Mary and her family were the recipients of a donated suite at the Ball Arena and they were able to attend the show!

Luke Bryan brought the family backstage for a small, personal meet & greet. Bryan even sang to Miss Mary, who according to her mom, stayed awake for the whole concert! Seriously, that man has a heart of gold.

We are so happy that Mary and her family had such an amazing time!



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