They’re Not Just the Hats on ‘Yellowstone,’ Greeley Hat Works Makes Hats for Many Celebrities

By Shawn Patrick on May 18, 2023
Greeley Hat Works

By now you’ve likely heard about a Colorado hat shop, Greeley Hat Works, being one of the places that supplied the hit show “Yellowstone” with their authentic looking cowboy hats… A big honor and a huge deal, but that isn’t the shop’s only claim to fame either.

Greeley Hat Works also supplies hats for some of the biggest names in the rodeo and agriculture circles, former U.S. President George W. Bush recently purchased his eighth hat from Greeley and has referred many to the shop, two-time Oscar winner and the head of costumes from “Yellowstone,” Ruth Carter is not only a customer, but is also working with the team at the shop on a new, “non-western” movie, and of course the picture above is of NFL MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers who also frequents the shop.

You are probably thinking one of two things here… Either that’s really cool that all these celebs get their hats in Greeley, I should also… Or if these rich people get their hats there, I probably can’t afford one. I can assure you the latter is not the case. These hats aren’t Walmart cheap, but they aren’t Walmart quality either. The reason the famous people like the hats at Greeley are because they’re custom made, hand shaped, and they last. But you may be surprised just how affordable they are too!

Go get the celeb experience with owner Trent Johnson and the team at the showroom in Greeley. or check out what they’ve got online at

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