There’s a Denver Spot That Specializes in Selling Spaghetti By the Bucket

By Shawn Patrick on January 4, 2024
By the Bucket, Hot Spaghetti to Go

Do you ever have those nights where you either run out of groceries or just don’t feel like cooking? Well, I found the perfect spot for nights like that if you have a family to feed, and want to do it quick and cheap… 

A restaurant that specializes in selling pasta by the bucket, appropriately named “By The Bucket” can be found in Greenwood Village, CO. 

They have multiple sauce options, salads, meatballs, deserts and more too. 

And sure, I am pinpointing the place for the convenience, but people seem to think the food is pretty good too. It has some of the highest ratings of any restaurants in Denver on both Google and Yelp. 

I haven’t even really mentioned the cheap part either… The family bucket of pasta (1.5 pounds) only costs $19.95!! 

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