There’s a chance Denver sees a major winter storm this weekend

By Shawn Patrick on January 29, 2024

I sure hope you’re enjoying these 60 degree days we’re having in Denver at the moment, because a big change with lots of snow could be on the way… 

60’s or close to it will likely last through Thursday (Feb. 1), Friday will be cooler, and Friday night into Saturday could bring the big change. 

Our partners at 9News say a strong area of low pressure moving through the southwestern U.S. will first bring significant rain and snow to California before potentially setting its sights on Colorado. Depending on where and how strong of a secondary area of low pressure sets up late Friday night or Saturday morning, the Denver area could see an initial period of rain flipping over to heavy snow. At this point, it appears the majority of the metro area impacts from this storm will be on Saturday and Saturday night, with any snow likely winding down later in the day on Sunday. Again, that’s also subject to change.

There’s the potential for 1 to 2 inches of precipitation from this storm, which is a ton for this time of the year. For context, Denver only averages about four-tenths of an inch of total precipitation over the entire month of February. If only about half of the storm falls as snow, that would likely still be enough for 3 to 6 inches or more of snow for the majority of the metro area, with the clear possibility for more than that.

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