There’s a Burned House in Golden Selling for Over $800,000

By Shawn Patrick on October 20, 2022
Photo by Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images

I thought the housing market was cooling off a little, but this tells me that if you want to live in a Denver suburb, you better have a lot of $$$!

According to CBS News Denver;

A home in Golden that appears to be burned has been listed for $840,000. Actually, the lot is what is being sold, but it appears the new owners would have to demolish the burned-out house that is there.

The lot is listed at 17412 W. 17th Place in Golden. It shows several pictures of the property, including how badly the house has been damaged, apparently from a fire.

So far, the property has been listed for one week and is still available.

This makes that house in Colorado Springs dubbed, “A Little Slice of Hell,” look like a steal. CRAZY!!

See pictures here.

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