There’s a Billboard on I-25 in Downtown Denver Catching Eyes With Silly Messages

By Shawn Patrick on January 5, 2024
Archipelago Denver

If you’ve driven through Downtown Denver lately on I-25, you’ve likely seen a billboard with silly messages being displayed. So who’s behind it? 

The billboard just past the exit for the Downtown Aquarium on I-25 has featured everything from cheesy jokes, requests sent to Casa Bonita, confessions, birthday shootouts, and more. 

The billboard is owned by Archipelago Denver, a social space in a downtown mansion at 2345 7th St. 

A co-owner of the club is responsible for the eye-catching messages on the billboard, but anyone can rent the billboard: $100 for the day to be part of a four-part rotation or $200 for the day to be the sole message.

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