The Year’s Best Meteor Show Will Be Visible in Colorado Early This Sunday Morning

By Shawn Patrick on August 10, 2023
Photo by Bill Ingalls/ NASA via Getty Images

If you enjoy celestial events, hopefully you don’t mind getting up super early this Sunday as one of the best of the year will peak in Colorado. 

Many call it the ‘best meteor shower of the year,’ the Perseid Meteor Shower takes place from July 14 through September 1, and will peak above Colorado in the early morning hours of Sunday, August 13 at about 1:58 a.m.

Meteors traveling at about 37 miles per second will blast across the sky, with meteors associated with this shower known for being particularly bright and colorful, leaving a long trail in their wake.

If you’re hoping to spot these meteors, the best opportunity comes with a pre-dawn sky in a spot with little light pollution. While the peak occurs when the shower is expected to be most active, surrounding days can also be good for meteor spotting.

In general, the meteors can be seen in many places across the night sky, removing the need to look in a certain place.

Read more about this meteor shower from NASA here.

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