The ‘worst fast food chain’ in America now only has one location left in Denver

By Shawn Patrick on March 15, 2024

Boy how times have changed… There was a time when you didn’t have to drive far to find a Long John Silver’s in the Denver-area, and when you got there the fish, and especially the hushpuppies, were pretty good, right? 

Now, the chain of fast food fish restaurants was named the worst fast food chain in the country in a study conducted by Yahoo Finance.

Not only do people seem to be over the food and service, but you can’t hardly find the restaurants anymore. There are only four locations left in Colorado, and just one in the Denver metro area. 

That one location is at 250 W. 136th Ave #429 in Westminster.

The other three are in Greeley, Montrose, and Alamosa. 

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