The ‘Tush Push’ Play Has Been Banned in Peyton Manning’s Son’s Colorado Football League

By Shawn Patrick on December 21, 2023
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

One of the big controversies in the NFL this season is a play called the “tush push,” made popular by the Philadelphia Eagles, where the quarterback sneaks for a yard or two while getting pushed from behind by a teammate. Many people want the play banned as it works almost too well. Because it works so well, Peyton Manning brought it to a 7th grade league in Colorado… 

During this week’s edition of the “Manningcast” on ESPN, Peyton Manning explained how it actually got banned in Colorado, to his brother Eli and their guest Christian McCaffrey.

Manning said in part, “It’s not for everybody, right? The Eagles do it well, but so do the Cherry Creek Bruins, right? Arapaho Youth League, right?

Watch below to hear exactly what went down in Cherry Creek… 

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