The Scoreboard Operator at Coors Field in Denver is Getting More Attention Than the Rockies

By Shawn Patrick on July 20, 2023
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

You know you have a really bad baseball team when the scoreboard operator at your stadium is getting more attention than the team… That statement sums up the 2023 Colorado Rockies!

The Rockies’ scoreboard operator posted a bizzare message to the screen at Wednesday’s game versus the Astros. The now viral message even has some concerned about whoever wrote it.

Fans at Coors Field are used to the tidbits at the ballpark, but this one turned heads more than usual. In this particular instance, the message read from the perspective of a scorned lover. What started out as an educational text ended in spite.

“Using a stethoscope to listen to the heart, cardiologists can detect narrow valves, valve leakage, and/or abnormal rhythm,” the note began. It soon took a turn for the worst.

“Don’t bother asking him to check YOUR heart though, Becky. That crushed Titanic sub has more life inside it than that collapsed troll cave you call a chest.”

No one seems to know who Becky is, but she’s obviously caused pain to the person behind the screen.

Fans and media were quick to respond to the message as they posted replies online…

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