The Largest Buc-ee’s in the World is Coming to Colorado Soon

By Shawn Patrick on June 5, 2023

Colorado will soon boast the largest convenience store in America! Not only that, but the place that will claim the title is one of the most famous places down south, and it’s about to make its grand debut in the West.

Country store and gas station chain Buc-ee’s will open its first location in Colorado, and it’ll be the chain’s biggest ever.

The Texas-based company said it will open a new location north of the Denver metro area, in Johnstown near Interstate 25 and County Road 48 by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

The new Buc-ee’s will span 74,000 square feet and will also include 120 gas pumps and the company’s beloved “award-winning clean bathrooms.” It’ll also feature all other things that made it a cult favorite like custom snacks, beverages, car washes, gas stations, home décor and merchandise.

No official opening date for the new store has been announced yet.

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