The KYGO Pet of the Week: Daze

By Austin Satkowiak on November 19, 2020

Alright, alright, alright…I’m Daze! I am a sweet and petite, 5-year-old Boxer female. I have the classic brown and white Boxer coloring which is beyond cute! I currently weigh about 60 lbs. I found myself at the MaxFund shelter after my previous owner had to surrender because he could not have me in an apartment.

I have a lot of energy to burn and if I don’t have an outlet I will bark and bark and bark. I love my walks but I do need to warn you, I am very vocal and have a lot to say to any species walking by.

I went to a foster home for awhile when COVID first started and learned how to be a fun-loving dog. My foster family said I love belly rubs and love to be the center of attention. I enjoy meeting new people, more people means more belly rubs. Oh ya, did I mention that I love to dance?

Because I was not socialized when I was younger, I am not sure how to play with dogs and can at times be reactive. I am learning better leash manners on walks and am getting so much better at focusing on my person instead of the other dog. I’m hoping with some advance training I may be able to have a fur sibling in the future.

I have learned all of my basic obedience commands, sit, down, stay, and am really working on come. I need an owner that is willing to continue training with me and will help me work through some of my fears. In order for me to succeed in a home, I need boundaries and guidelines set. I really will thrive much better if I have a routine that I have to follow. I need a loving leader that I can look to for reassurance when I need it.

Taking just one look at my face will bring a smile to yours; that is just how cute I am! If I seem like the right pal for you, call to make an appointment to meet me at 303-595-4917. You may just fall crazy in love with this Daze!

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