The KYGO Pet of the Week: Ruger

By kygo on August 29, 2019

Hey y’all! The name’s Ruger and I’m a 35 lbs, 9-month-old, Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that was transferred from Texas. I am also a tripod! That means that I only have three legs. But please don’t let this scare you away! A few decades ago people wouldn’t have even thought about giving pups such as myself the chance to live as a three-legged dog. Whether the cause for losing a leg was suffering from cancer, birth defect or being hit by a car, it would’ve been more likely for pups in these situations to be euthanized. Luckily for us, the idea of tripods has been accepted more throughout the past couple of years. Us tripods are very inspiring! We do not let anything bring us down! We still live life to the fullest and may even be some of the happiest dogs you will ever meet. All we really want to do is run and play. In my case, I was not born this way, nor did It get amputated due to cancer. I was brought to the shelter in Texas with a very bad injury where I most likely was hit by a car and my right, rear leg could not be saved.

I highly enjoy the time I get to spend with my fellow human and fur friends here at the MaxFund. We get the chance to have fun chasing each other around and splash in the kitty pool (or should I say puppy pool). I’m a well-behaved fella that does great on walks and will not pull you at all! If you’re still unsure about adopting a tripod then do a bit more research on what you should expect from bringing a sweet boy like me into your home, apart from plenty of kisses of course! I just know I would make a great addition to your family! Come on in and see me in person! I’ll be waiting for you!

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